Trees add a lot of value to your property and enjoyment for you and your family. But they do need maintenance just like the rest of the yard. With proper tree trimming and pruning, your trees will continue to grow and provide many benefits to you as a homeowner. Some of these benefits are:

1. Keeping trees growing and looking great - Most trees need help to have the best form and grow to their maximum height. Landscaping professionals know when to prune and how to keep your trees healthy and attractive.
2. Preventing power line, home or property encroachment - Trees can get unwieldy branches and interfere with power lines, grow over on your neighbor’s property or get too close to your house and provide a bridge for insects.
3. Protection against insects and fungus - A properly pruned and trimmed tree is a healthy tree. When they are at their healthiest, trees are much more likely to fight off insects and diseases.
Protect your trees by getting them pruned and trimmed to keep up the value of your property and provide years of enjoyment to you and your family. Nice shade and ornamental trees offer great curb appeal too. Contact Sal’s Landscape & Tree Care in Dallas at 817-903-2500 to find out more about the benefits of tree trimming and pruning.