A tree adds a certain beauty to your property. You may not want to get rid of it, but sometimes for the overall well-being of your yard, you have to. Here are the times when you need to contact someone to remove a tree for you. 

Dead or Diseased

Trees are susceptible to disease and effects from the weather. If only a few branches have died, then you can often just get those structures removed. However, if more than half of the tree is damaged or dead, then it would be preferable to simply eliminate the entire thing. 

Leaning or About to Fall Over

Trees should grow directly upward. A little lean is OK, but if your tree is leaning at more than a 15 degree angle, then it is a hazard. The roots are most likely failing. The tree has the potential to fall over completely and damage property or hurt someone. Remove it before that occurs. 

It Is Under Power Lines

Your tree might be small down, but it will grow. In the event there are power lines directly overhead, then you want to remove that tree immediately. You can then plant a new tree somewhere else where it will not get in the way of power lines. 
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