There are many damaging effects a tree stump can have if left in your yard. You may be thinking a new tree will grow out of the old stump, but that is not usually the case. If a tree does start to grow, it will not form properly. Here are some important reasons why you should get rid of a tree stump in your yard instead.

Damaging to Your Landscape

Even after a tree has been cut down, a stump can be a farm for new spouts to start growing, creating many small roots around the stump. These sprouts can leech off other plants, flowers, and foliage, potentially killing part of your landscape.  

Branches are a Storm Hazard

The growth of sprouts can cause long limbs to grow out at an angle from the stump. Major storms like tornadoes and hurricanes can break off these branches at their connection to the stump. These branches could fall onto the road, your vehicle, or even your house.

Get rid of Stubborn Stumps

New sprouts can still grow back even if you cut them. It may take chemical solutions to kill off the sprouts, or you may have to dig out the stump entirely. Since new sprouts increase the crown size of the stump, it will make the stump bigger and harder to dig out if you’ve waited too long.

Cutting down a tree is just half the solution. Getting rid of the stump finishes the job. For further information on stump removal services, call Sal’s Landscape & Tree Service at 817-903-2500.