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Removal for Dangerous & Fallen Trees in Dallas-Fort Worth

The experts at Sal’s Landscape & Tree Service in Dallas-Fort Worth will do their best to preserve the integrity of your property’s trees, but sometimes the only thing that can be done is a total tree removal. Dying, dangerous or fallen trees need to be removed properly so no one gets hurt. Our tree removal service aims to keep you happy with your yard. We will inspect the area thoroughly to determine the safest way to get rid of the tree, and we will utilize pulleys and levers if need be. With our tree removal services, there is no reason why you should wait!

Reasons to Enlist Our Services

There are numerous factors that influence whether a tree has become hazardous to the well-being of people and additional greenery on your lawn. If a tree is leaning too much, then it could topple at a moment’s notice. A tree on your property with multiple trunks is much more unsteady than a tree with a single trunk. Construction or weather damage can damage the trunk and make the tree more susceptible to falling over. For this reason, we respond promptly to wind and storm emergencies. Root rot is a serious condition in trees that can quickly spread to healthy trees, so if you notice severe discoloration in one of your trees, then that is a clear sign you need to get it removed before the infection spreads.

Contact Us in the DFW Area

Our tree experts can visit your property in Dallas-Fort Worth area, including Dallas County, Tarrant County, Collin County, Denton County, Ellis County, Parker County and Johnson County. We also offer stump removal and tree trimming. Call us at 817-903-2500 or 972-900-6884 to learn more about what signs to watch out for to determine if you have sick trees.