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When trees have been planted improperly, or nearby development alters a tree’s growth space, tree topping can become necessary. Tree topping is a form of extreme pruning, where large swaths of branches are removed to alter a tree’s growth patterns. Because of the sheer amount of material taken off during tree topping, it’s a process that can be extremely stressful to a tree’s health but sometimes, despite the negative side-effects, there simply isn’t any good way to avoid topping a tree. Some situations that demand tree topping include:
Tree Topping
  • Misaligned Center of Gravity: If trees have been previously topped improperly, or have restricted growth space, their center of gravity can become misaligned. An expert tree topping can correct this imbalance and avoid dangerous instability.
  • Excessive Bending: If your tree has been bending too much during high winds, it may be because your trunk to branch ratio is off. A targeted tree topping will reduce the amount of heavy branches your tree has to support and increase stability.
  • Interference: Power lines, construction, expanded roads, and other trees can all get in the way of a tree’s natural growth space. Rather than simply remove a problem tree, an expert topping gives the tree a chance to regrow in a more convenient shape.
If you think your trees might be in need of tree topping, contact our office today! We’ll make a full evaluation of your situation, and see if alternatives like tree pruning or trimming might help. If it turns out your tree does need an expert tree topping, we’ll perform it quickly and professionally.

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